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Cleaning the Cassowary Coast

Chemex Pools is your premium pool servicing, installation and repair centre

Chemex pools is part of Innisfail Chemex and has been the premier pool and spa mobile servicing and superstore on the Cassowary Coast, since 1995.

We specialise in complex commercial pool systems, our quality servicing and professional attitude stands us apart from the rest.

Ask us about a personalised pool maintenance program for your pool weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

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Chemex Pools will take away all the pain


We are experts in our field. Partner with us and you will have a trusted and professional pool maintenance service provider to look after your investment.


Open days, events & photo shoots need not be a concern, we’ll make sure that your pool is sparkling and clean before the big day.


Our trained mobile pool technicians are reliable, on-time and flexible to fit into a schedule that suits you.


We walk new homeowners and tenants’ step by step through the basics of pool maintenance.


We provide comprehensive pool maintenance reports, with any future recommendations and we are happy to discuss your best options.

Commercial Servicing

We’re experienced in both water chemistry and equipment at this scale and we’re renowned for our decorum, care and attention. Commercial systems tend to require a bespoke and affordable program, with the least disruption to the premises and its tenants, that suits the business. We stay up-to-date with regulations and government health guidelines; keeping your residents safe while saving you time.

Please call us to discuss

Residential Servicing

Put the joy back into owning your own pool with hassle free regular servicing plans.

  • Water testing and chemical balancing
  • Check of equipment for proper operation/leaks
  • Skim debris and brush pool surface and tile line
  • Empty skimmer & pump baskets
  • Backwash sand filter and return pool blanket, as required
  • Vacuuming (added extra)

Swim, float, splash and feel rejuvenated
knowing your pool is taken care of by Chemex Pools

Providing quality pool cleaning, maintenance, and servicing on the Cassowary Coast.

Keep your pool clean and sparkling all year long

  • Water testing and chemical balancing
  • Check of equipment for proper operation/leaks
  • Skim debris from pool surface
  • Vacuum pool, Brush pool surface and tile line (Additional charge)
  • Empty skimmer baskets
  • Empty pump basket
  • Backwash sand filter as required
  • Return pool blanket as requested

Get a handover service for new home or pool purchase

We love finding ways to help you get the best return on your investment and have many cost-effective tips to share for your new pool to keep it sparkling.

Worry free a holiday care pool service

Planning a holiday away or letting out your holiday home? We’ll keep your pool sparkling and crystal clear all year round clean while you’re away.

Equipement replacement

We’ll work with you to find the best equipment option for your needs,  come and assess your site and install it for you. Be supported by an equipment specialist.

Cloudy or green pool recovery service

Don’t have the right level of chlorine or just can’t figure out what’s wrong with your pool? Green pools require specialised knowledge to bring them back to their former glory and to diagnose what caused the pool to go green in the first place.

Commercial pool and complex system servicing

We combine our expertise of both water chemistry and equipment into a complete package to remove the usual headaches associated with pool maintenance at this scale.

We're dedicated, professional, and experienced.

We are a local company who proudly service and support our customers so they can enjoy a crystal clear pool all year round.


With advice from trusted professionals, owning a pool does not have to be expensive

Consistent Quality

Crystal clear pool water, every single time. That’s our standard, because it’s what you deserve

Honest Servicing

No gimmicks and no products you don’t need. We just offer honest services and advice

Every day is a pool day on the tropical Cassowary Coast!

Our Staff

Meet Chris

Chris began his journey into pool maintenance and repair in 2010. Starting as a pool service technician in Cairns and quickly progressed to be responsible for the maintenance and repair of the large commercial and resort pool clients.

Chris then went into business for himself by purchasing Aloha Pool and Spa in Western Australia, running and successfully building the business to triple in size. He learnt the value of nurturing client relations in order to build a strong and successful business. He couldn’t resist the pull of north Queensland and so moved his family back and has now settled in Innisfail. Buying Innisfail Chemex was the turning point. Chris is here for the long haul and looking to grow Chemex Pools as a substantial and dependable business to service the Cassowary Coast.


ChemexPools is working to provide you and our community a better understanding of options for sustainable energy efficient programs for your pool. We’re proud to be experts in the industry, so drop in store, get your water tested and have a chat with our team so we can help you work out the best solution for your needs.

Leave the pool & equipment plumbing to our experts to make sure your pool is plumbed correctly and working properly from the start.

Heating your pool is not the hot topic in the far north for most of the year, but if you would like to use your pool more over winter get a cost effective pool heater installed.

Don’t risk your families health, make sure your water chemistry is checked and balanced regularly.

We have a full range of (normal )pool pumps, but if you’re looking to save on energy costs come chat to us about our three-speed pump range.

More than just cleaning your pool, modern pool robots map your pool, increase water circulation, scrub the walls and scum-line and controllable from your phone.

Tired of your pool light not working? Upgrade to modern LED pool lights, they will last forever and create a disco display of multiple colour settings.

We’re always looking to enhance our range of products, so if we don’t have what you require we will try our very best to obtain it for you for a good price.

Get back to enjoying your pool, hassle free!

Chemex Pools is the warranty agent and repairs center for Astrol and Zodiac products on the Cassowary Coast.

Above ground pools are available for purchase.


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Life is just better with a clean pool

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8am – 4am (Mon-Fri) / 9am – 12pm (Sat)

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