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With so many pool cleaners to choose from these days, selecting the right cleaner can be quite challenging.

Chemex Pools is here to break down the difference between suction and robotic cleaners.

Suction Cleaners:

Suction cleaners have proven to be simple, robust and efficient cleaners over the years. They operate when the pool is turned on and the cleaner attaches to the pool’s skimmer box via the hose and moves about the pool sucking the dirt, debris, silt and sand into the skimmer basket.

Mechanical suction cleaners look more like a vacuum cleaner. The enhanced engineering gives a reliable and efficient cleaning performance and can often get into areas that disc cleaners have trouble with.

Robotic Cleaners:

Robotic cleaners are becoming more and more popular. They work independently from the pool filter and pump and are driven by a built-in electric motor. They use minimum energy and with energy costs rising, their energy efficiency attracts many pool owners. They are easy to use – plug and play machines – and clean while you relax. There are self-contained units that collect dirt or large debris in a filter canister making them ideal in leafy areas.

The new 4WD cleaners are equipped with the smartest technology available today, are ultra efficient and by using the remote you can direct the cleaner at the push of a button. We also have bluetooth options in store, meaning you can set it to clean while you are in the office for a crystal clear pool on your return home.

Available in store at Innisfail Chemex.

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